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Tuesday, December 16, 2014
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90 minutes

While traveling Allie (played by Tammin Sursok), a young American, finds a place to live in while in Thailand that seems like it will be a lot of fun. When she gets told about a website called, Cam2Cam, Allie starts using it to talk to some new people. Things get sexy and seductive for Allie on the site but it also turns deadly for her and others. Not only are there new and interesting people on Cam2Cam but there is also a serial killer that uses the site to find his victims. When Marit (played by Sarah Bonrepaux) is killed, Allie starts to think she could be the next victim on the serial killers list.
This is one movie that I would have not liked to have watched. First let me say this, director Joel Soisson does try in making this movie work and the cinematography of it does have some interesting scenes, but it really has no impact on making the movie better. The story of it is one where a website that lets people talk, in this case get to show some skin, ends up being the way a serial killer finds the women he's going to kill. When Cam2Cam begins, the character is Lucy (played by Jade Tailor), another American girl traveling, gets on the site and starts a erotic conversation with what is supposed to be another woman but starts to discover that this couldn't be what's really happening. So things start there and that's where you think it's going to stay, but it don't, that's when it jumps to the story with Allie.
Everything starts to get muddy with this introduction of Allie because now there's this love triangle going on with Marit who is a lesbian and a guy who is a little too much, Brit Michael (played by Ben Wiggins, as they try to get Allie. As this is going on there is of course the murders that keep happening but is this movie about the murders or about Allie discovering them? I don't know because this movie just has a story that puts ideas out there and don't deliver. Following this movie is like going through a maze, as you think you are going in the right direction but then you have to backtrack to try to figure out what you do know.
A good example at how ridiculous this movie is, is when Allie is walking on a busy street with lots of people around, she is covered in blood, and is holding an axe. Now in normal society someone would notice her and police would be right there. In Cam2Cam, she's just another person walking in the street. Ok. The plot is mixed up and tries too much and ends up being nothing, there's no real interesting moments in this movie, and the only real point that this movie has going for it are the good looking women in it that show their bodies. Beyond the nudity in this movie it's just not interesting to watch and even that was just something to make one small moment the movie get my attention before putting me back into this daze of mixed confusion as I try to figure out if the plot is going to lead somewhere.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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