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Can You Survive A Horror Movie PREVIEW

With a title like “Can You Survive A Horror Movie?” I was very excited. My mind starting imagining a reality competition like a mixture of “Fear Factor”, “Fear” & maybe a little bit of “Wipe-Out” just so the contestants get thrown around some. But sadly enough that is not even close to what this show actually is.

Instead you are given 3 (annoying to slightly annoying depending on the segment) hosts: Anthony Marks (Remains), Annie Unnold (Celebrity Ghost Stories) & Morgan West (Dead Souls). They are the ones that will be taking on the survival “challenges”.

The set-up is pretty simple. They take on a topic one at a time (zombies, vampires, large animals, killers, being buried alive) and then experts voice their opinions of how these events would take place (how fast a virus outbreak happens) and what to do to survive the longest if you happen to be caught up in one of these events (how to break out of a coffin). Now this part I found to be enjoyable. The experts, that range from doctors/survival experts/horror movie actors, talk about each subject in as realistic of a manner as they can without giving off the vibe that they are just humoring the audience. The one issue with this portion is some of the re-enactments. They are cheap and very cheesy to watch.

However that enjoyment is soon extinguished as the hosts enter. They have challenges set-up that are supposed to prove if they would make it through that type of horror movie. Most of them don’t even come close to what I would classify a good challenge. For example the first challenge: Zombies. The host dress up in high school wrestling spandex, climb into a rope circle, and are told to get low & tackle a person dressed up as a zombie. If you manage to tackle the zombie you will survive a zombie movie. Now I don’t know about you but I will not put all my faith into surviving Zombie Apocalypse on possessing the skill to tackle one at their knees. The last place I am going to want to be is in physical contact with a zombie while on the ground especially in a spandex outfit, all the while questioning why I wasted so much time setting up a rope ring instead of just running from the zombie.

Other challenges range from crawling through a small maze that has rats running around in it, eating gross food, digging various objects out of a container filled with gross things, and sitting in cold water while trying to undo handcuffs. The only two challenges that I personally found to be even remotely close to proving anything was the obstacle course of bells & strings that they had to make it through without making a sound and being buried with a small time limit to unlocking a phone to call for help.

For me this is a waste of time to watch. It’s possible that my delusions of what this show would be before putting it in to actually watch it hurt it some; but I honestly don’t think going in knowing what it was about would change how annoying the hosts could get and how pointless some of the challenges were.

Review by Pandora
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