Canterbury’s Law: The Complete Series

Canterbury’s Law

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elizabeth Canterbury is a defense attorney that gets off on winning difficult cases. But while her professional life seems to be controlled; her personal life is in shambles. After the kidnapping of her son Elizabeth drifted away from her husband and put all her attention on work. As their marriage seems like it may be coming to an end Elizabeth will also be facing the possibility of losing her license and jail time for her win at any cost motto.

Well the show has its moments and many of the cases Elizabeth takes on are very interesting. The two that I found to be some of the best were “Sweet Sixteen” (two teen girls are being charged with arranging a murder) and “Sick As Your Secrets” (a man raped a girl in college and come forward 15 years later). I’m not sure why this show failed (given that it is only 6 episodes it seems it must not have done well). It is fairly well written and the characters are interesting as are many of the cases.

Perhaps there is nothing to really make this standout from other law dramas. They make an attempt at giving it some original flair with the storyline of Elizabeth’s son being kidnapped, but all they give you is a few flashbacks showing her running around a playground. And as far as how she has reacted to it she either is closed up about it or on the verge of breakdown. Mixing that with the fact she could be on trial, a marriage falling apart, affairs, and the little bits of drama her employees are going through I think they were just trying way to much in such a short amount of time.

No bonus features, only 6 episodes, priced close to $30, pretty much I would suggest this only to those that caught a few episodes when it aired and liked the show or if you are a huge fan of Julianna Margulies.

Review by Pandora
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