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Casting Me...

Casting Me

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 37 Minutes

This low budget indie film out of South Africa might fill the hole in your heart you've had since seeing Clerks, but for me Casting Me... was just really dull.

Ahh, black and white. The choice for people trying to make a statement on the art of cinema, people wanting to set their movie in the past, and people with a really low budget. I'm pretty sure this particular film is in that last category. Full of crude sex and foul language, the movie is the story of a casting director who wants to make his own movies but is suffering from writer's block and the heartache of losing his girlfriend. Now he's going to figure out his life, power through the block, and win back the girl by making a movie.

Love conquers all. I guess.

For me, Quinton Lavery's tale falls a bit flat. I don't know if I could exactly put my finger on it, but the whole film just felt like it was circling, not going anywhere interesting, and I never cared much about any of the character and their journeys. On the other hand, there were a few good laughs.

Outside of the writing, the rest of the film fares pretty well I suppose. Unlike some low budget catastrophes, I though the actors all did a good job. No one sounded like they were reading off cue cards, and the conversations were edited well. You know how in some low budget movies you get that stuttered conversation thing going? Where one person talks, then we cut to the other person and they talk, then we cut back to the first person and they talk, and so on. And at every cut, there is about a half second or second pause which makes the dialog stilted. None of that here. From a technical standpoint, this is actually quite a good film, but the story was just, well, dull.

So, perhaps if you are an aspiring film maker, you might want to check this out and see what someone can do with a couple of Canon 7Ds, but if you are looking for entertainment, then Casting Me... might be something you'll want to skip.


Review by Jason Pace
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