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Charlee Remitz: These Veins

These Veins

(Charlee Remitz)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 15, 2014

These Veins by Charlee Remitz really wasn’t what I was expecting when I was first looking at the CD. I was kind of thinking it was going to be a rock type of album and maybe heavy. This turned out to be a pop type of album with a woman with a really nice voice.

Though a lot of the music is done on a computer it was really well done and sounded nice. I really did like her voice. It had a little of work done to it to clean it up but not overly done. All of the songs are slower songs but something I was able to get into. They all have a similar feel with a little bit of echo added to her voice, which worked well.

4 of the 5 songs from this album are on Charlee’s sound cloud account here. Take a couple mins to check them out. One thing that I think would of improved the EP a little was a little more diversity in the music. While I did enjoy it I would of liked to hear a little bit of different style in at least one of the songs to hear what else she can do.

Wayne Stillson
Review by Wayne Stillson
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