Charlie Wilson: Love, Charlie

Love Charlie

(Charlie Wilson)
Release Date: 
Monday, January 21, 2013

I must have been an ‘R&B Head’ in one of my past lives because I think that Charlie Wilson’s “Love, Charlie” is a perfect R&B album. I would place this album in the original R&B category, not the new age madness. I like this album because Charlie keeps with the old school mantra and he is just who he is. He doesn’t have to prove his manhood to anyone and he’s in the mood to court a woman. (Man that sounded like I was 60!)

Anyway, Charlie’s album is exactly what you’d expect but the tracks for this album doesn’t make you feel like you’ve heard the music before but it’s definitely familiar. Every track is a serenade to a lady love or a female interest. It’s all about loving a woman and having fun. He shows just because he’s an older gentlemen, doesn’t mean he cannot still whoo the ladies. Now that Valentine’s Day is a little less than one week away, it would be a great gift to anyone who loves good music and would love to listen to music dedicated to the holiday for lovers.

Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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