Christina Holmes: Peace Love & C Holmes

Peace Love & C Holmes

(Christina Holmes)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I don't there has been a more accurate title for an album then with Christina Homes' "Peace Love & C.Holmes". To simply say that this music is positive and filled with happy lyrics and fun beats would be like saying that the sun can get hot. Christina Holmes is one of the more upbeat artists that I've listened to in a while and that includes some kids music albums that's about being happy and joyful. Her music is unique in it's own right because it is not just happy songs that are filled with joy but they are played well and filled with good vocals. Considering that most of the time when an artist tries to give their songs so much joy and happiness, they turn into these songs that are sappy and just too upbeat to be able to listen to.
That is not the case with this album because I was able to listen to the whole thing without really thinking that the songs where sappy. Sure they are upbeat, they are happy, and filled with a fun time that most songs don't normally have, but they are also filled with eclectic beats and good vocals. What Christina Holmes has created with this album are songs that are oozing with positive energy while being played by musicians that have talent and skill. What I liked on this album is Christina Holmes' voice. She has a good ear for when to be soft, when to be a little more higher pitched, and just has a good voice. Her voice is clear, crisp, and she really does put the chipperness into the songs that she is singing.
As far as any down sides to this album, that would also be what makes this album stand out, the positiveness of the songs. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the songs and how Christina Holmes is able to create an album that is so positive without it being annoying or sappy but at the same time this album has a time and place to be played. I can't see this being an album that will be played at clubs, it's too much of a bubbly feeling type album rather than a dance along to, and though it can make you feel better while listening to it, this would also be a little too much happy energy being play for a home party. It's a fun album, a very fun album, with catchy beats, vocals that are smooth and fun to listen to, but the albums positive vibes make it a well performed album. The structures and how the songs are played, all good, there's no saying that these musicians don't have talent, but this is an album that's groove and positive beats will make me only listen to it when I'm already in a that bubbly, carefree mood.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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