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Christopher Paul Stelling: False Cities

False Cities

(Christopher Paul Stelling)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Touring Overseas

Stelling recently wrapped up a European tour that included stops in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and The UK.

A new voice is emerging in the folk music scene and people are quickly taking notice.  Christopher Paul Stelling's latest LP False Cities is less of an album and more of a manifesto ushering in a new leader in modern folk.  The foot stomping work by this traveling troubadour is destined to be a 2013 breakout. 

Looking a bit like a lumberjack and spitting frenzied lyrics like a fanatical reverend, people might be surprised to know that Stelling is based out of Brooklyn.  Having been on tour for the better part of two years, Stelling is currently in the midst of another long tour and is already working on a third album.  Dedicated and adamant to his craft, fame will not be eluding Stelling much longer.

Opening track "Brick x Brick" is a relentless, song of destruction sure to elicit goose bumps on the skin of any listener.  Stelling's uninhibited, raw vocals add a ferocity rarely heard in the genre.  Hearing his voice screech and crack along with the acoustic guitar add an emphatic layer of genuineness to the album.  Expert plucking is on full display in the jittery, up-tempo "Every Last Extremist."  Footsteps rustling on the forest floor provide a disturbing backdrop to the dark tune "The Waiting Swamp."  Stelling displays his sentimental side on "Homesick Tributaries" lamenting about heritage and tradition while admitting that he "...may not be the greatest legacy." The pain and sorrow of rebuilding a life is heard on the highlight of the second half of the album - "Writhing In Shambles."

In a perfect world where musical notoriety is based on actual talent and skillful songwriting, Stelling would already be topping the charts.  Fans who like the work of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers should enjoy this edgier, more emotional take on folk music.  Stelling, alongside his trusty guitar Brownie, is becoming known for his energetic, passionate live performances.  Purchase False Cities posthaste and be sure to see Stelling live if he travels to your area - chances are he will.

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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