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Chuggington: Brewster Leads the Way

Chuggington: Brewster Leads the Way

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Running Time: 
64 minutes
Bonus Features

Limited Edition includes toy train, Badge Quest Episode: Brewster's Carwash, Character Montage: Brewster, Chug Patrol Music Video, Coloring & Activity Sheets

Some trains just don't have a slow day and for Brewster and his buddies every day is a busy day. They are also fun filled days of hanging out with his friends, singing, building, and learning about new stuff. These Trainees might just be starting out on there life as trains but they sure do have a lot of steam in them to keep them going. Brewster and his fellow trains will learn about sharing, hard work, teamwork, and many other fun, well meaning lessons.

Before now I never knew this show existed but considering that it's a show for young kids it's not a surprise that I didn't know about it. It's a computer generated cartoon about trains that are alive and talk. There's a range of ages of the trains from the young ones like Brewster who are just learning how to be trains to the older ones like Old Puffer Pete who is a steam engine that's 150 years old. The 6 episodes that are on this DVD there is always a good lesson for the trains to learn, sometimes from one another and sometimes from the older trains. Each episodes try to teach a different lesson while making it seem like it's just something that is done and it does this nicely.

Something that I noticed right from the start of this show is that there is a lot of singing being done in it. Now typically I would shy away from this kind of stuff being that I'm an adult with no kids so watching a show about talking trains that are learning to help each other out and not give up when things get tough. However, while watching Brewster and all his little train buddies “chugging” along in this show I found myself having fun and enjoying myself. All those songs that's sung in this, the music that's played, it's all fun and I liked it. By the third episode I was starting to sing along with the theme song, it just that fun. It's also helps that the music being played has this industrial beat that sounds nothing like a kids song but fits quite nicely in a future based movie. It's fun music, plain and simple, and it's music that is easy to like and sing along with.

As for the show itself, ok sure it's a show about kid trains that are learning things and life lessons, and it's meant for kids, but it's still fun. It's a show that will help teach kids how to be good in life but it does it in a sly way so that they really won't notice they are learning lessons. Plus it's just a lot of fun with cool looking trains that are going places, there's even an episode where one train blows up a mountain. All this is stuff that kids will just love to watch and sing along with. This is a wholesome show, one that both kid and adult can enjoy watching together and that's rare. Normally shows like this only appeal to kids making it tough for adults to watch but Chuggington has a lot of fun moments in it that can be enjoyable. Oh, there is also a DVD set that features a toy train of Old Pete that's actually a better made toy than I expected it to be.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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