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Civil War: The Untold Story

Civil War: The Untold Story

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014
The Civil War: The Untold Story is a rare collection that includes archive photographs, diary entries from new voices from the past, as well as a handful of scholars offering up their perspective on the material at hand. 
I really liked this documentary. The dramatizations were fantastic, the narration by Downton Abby’s Elizabeth McGovern was refreshing, and the new entries from everyday people was even more refreshing, hashing out details about being the line of fire, watching bodies falling to the left and right of them, and being trapped behind the losing sides lines. 
The documentary covers a lot of ground providing insight on Lincoln, the debate over slavery, the use of slaves as a weapon on both sides, and the effect of war on the average citizen who just wanted to live without or without slaves without losing it all in the greatest war our nation has ever known. 
The set also includes a 12-Page Users guide (really a staple in almost all of the Athena/Acorn releases) and Subtitles for all five episodes. 
I did feel like some of the information found within was info that I’ve heard before in other documentaries but the delivery of this new chapter in Civil War documentation is pretty spot on in providing historical facts and insight by scholars as to the why and how of the situation. I also loved how the documentary was able to balance the importance of the war and slavery at the same time, as not all instances of the war were about just ending slavery. All in all a pretty good effort. 
AJ Garcia
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