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Cloakroom: Infinity


Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When listening to music everyone has a different reaction to what they hear. Music is an emotional element that can make someone who is typically quiet sing out loud or someone that usually never stops talking will be quiet. As I listened to the album Infinity by the group Cloakroom I found myself being very quiet as the music played. The kind of music being played on this album is one of my most liked styles of music and it's some that I've only heard a very small amount of bands, enough to count on one hand, that is able to play it with any real skill. Even though this music is alternative rock and possible it could be punk rock, but the way this music puts me in a sound trance it's hard for me to say that it is the typical alternative rock. There's a slight hint of some emo in this music but only enough that the songs are able to make a connection emotional with the listener, or at least it was with me. But it's also still an alternative rock band that has created an album that is strong with a soft side to it.

Listening to this album was a refreshing joy for me. The styles being played is not new, while listening to Cloakroom's Infinity I was reminded of the 90's band Catherine Wheel. The vocals have this far away sound as if the microphone was a few feet away from the lead singer and he's still a few feet away from the rest of the band. In the vocals is a slight echo effect being used but it's effective and works well with the song. These vocals also have a lingering sound as well as being sung in a slow tempo. If you are looking for a band that the vocals are the center focal point to the song then don't plan on Infinity as being the album that you would want to play. When the vocals are there they are in the background to the instruments and are only used in small amounts. There's no doubt that this music is an emotional experience that the band seems to be going on but by listening to them play I've now been taken along with them. All sorts of beats and sounds are being played in these songs, some have an experimental quality to them but as a whole the songs are being played by a band that knows exactly what they want to do and how to make it sound.

Even though the songs are being played at a slower speed they are still powerful songs. When I said some music makes people shut up, well this music not only had me not talking or making any sound, I found myself just sitting with my eyes closed as the music just took over my world for a half hour. I like the rough edge that some of the instruments have in the songs but also how the music sounds like the members are just as much taken over by the sounds they are playing as I was listening to them. Nearly everything about these songs are just right, nearly everything but not everything. I have two points that I thought could use a little tweaking. One is that the vocals at times did get drowned out by the instruments. The vocals are good, they are strong, but I was having to strain to pick out what was being said just because I couldn't quite hear them. And two, I want more than just 5 songs. Sure the songs are long, one is just a little over 9 minutes long, loved it, but even with the songs being lengthy there are still only 5 songs equaling 30 minutes. Cloakroom is a strong band with a keen sense of what is a good song but they have left me with wanting more of the little they have given me.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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