In Theatres: 
Jan 18, 2008
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 24 Minutes

Part love story, part disaster film, part special effects extravaganza. No I’m not talking about Titanic. This movie was actually good.  When something starts attacking Manhattan, a going away party is abruptly interrupted and our story begins through the eye of a camcorder as a panicked group of friends start looking for a way out of the city. Viewer beware; if you have a history of motion sickness this may not be the movie you want to see, or at least not without first taking some motion sickness pills.

The camera work in the film is all camcorder, never a break from that style of shooting, but for me it was a non-factor. This style of shooting mixed a surreal feel to the realism that existed within the panic and destruction that occurs throughout the film. Its so fast and so real that if you ever stop to consider the camera movement your obviously not engrossed enough in the film and need to get over it and delve into the experience that is Cloverfield, and Cloverfield is not simply a film but an experience. Those knuckleheads out there looking to get their hands on a bootleg copy of the film will be sorely disappointed because this Is a film that must be seen I theaters first.

Overall I loved the acting, the special effects, the story, everything. Its been a very long time since I’ve come out of a theater so enthused I’m in danger of grabbing the closest stranger and urging them to see a film. If you have any reservations about seeing this film get over them or miss out on an experience that will not be wasted on people who truly love cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impression. See it.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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