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Continuum: Second Chances (PREVIEW)


Second Chances
Regular Air Date: 
Mondays @ 8/7C
On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here it is, season 2 premiere of Continuum where Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols) is still trapped in the past, out present, while she hunts down the future terrorist group Liber8. Second Chances, the title to the first episode of the second season, picks up with Kiera once again flashing back and forth between the future and the present but this time her future self is having problems that deal with the implant she has in her head. While in the present she has problems after a mayor is assassinated and her go to tech guy, Alec Sadler (played by Erik Knudsen) who is also the big wig tech guy of the future, no longer wants to talk to her because of the message he got from the future.

Man how time travel stories just get on my nerves so much. I'm a over thinker when it comes to stories, especially time travel stories, and not because I'm trying to find what makes the fake or how they wouldn't work but I over think it because I'm trying to figure out a plausible way time travel would work. It's a huge headache that always leaves me with no answer because every time one theory starts to work out a new problem appears. For Continuum's season season I went from having a woman from the future trying to stop the future from happening turn into a story about how did a part of the future make it back in time that she didn't know about? It's a used explanation for time travel that says that anything is possible for the future/past/present because it can all be thrown in because we don't know at the time. Well, bull hockey I say. Watching this show is like playing one of the maze puzzles, I can see the start and the finish while I see all sorts of paths that could possible lead to the future. Continuum uses that idea of making me think I see where it's going but then it don't go there because it's a dead end and that's annoying me.

Now this might sound bad because I keep saying how it's bad but that's only because it's time travel. This is a topic that no matter the reasons, the why's, or anything else used by the writers, time travel is too complicated to do. So, this episode comes down to not the mechanics of why she was able to stop the future from happening but about he getting to do those mechanics. The acting is decent, Rachel Nichols does a good job at playing the multiple identity character of being in the past/present/future and unwritten future. Being able to go from the confident woman in the future while also being the unsure woman that needs help in the present/past is done very nicely. I have no problems with the acting, well, the roommates of Alec felt more like extras that are just getting their first break in a speaking role, but other than that the acting is good.

Even the idea, again the IDEA, of the time traveling cop that's good but it's an idea that can be very difficult to explain or at least have it make sense. For the season opener, I wasn't bored, there's enough action in it to keep my attention, and the intrigue of what is really going on is enough to make me want to know. Which I do like the action but there needs to be more to the show than that and that would be the story and character development. Some of the characters have grown but this episode felt more like they where just adding more to the story while just letting the past season go unfinished. I know this is a continuation from the previous story in season 1 but it felt like too much was going on in this opening. It needed a little less mini stories taking place and more focus on Kiera dealing with being shunned by Alec and the police dealing with Kiera. “Second Chances” was ok, it stayed entertaining enough, but it just had a bit too much going on.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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