William (Gethin Anthony; Game of Thrones) is in Europe with his friend Jerry and unfortunately Jerry’s girlfriend. The purpose is to find William’s Grandfather and deliver a letter from William’s deceased Father. The trip was supposed to be a “guy trip” so things are off to a rocky start due to Jerry’s other half. It also doesn’t help that William can’t read the letter and is a bit lost in a foreign country. 
Enter Effy (Frederikke Dahl Hansen; Rebounce), a waitress at a coffee shop who meets William under the most strained circumstances. The two inevitably find themselves partnered up in looking to help unlock William’s mystery letter and find his Grandfather. Along the way William, a guy who shrugs commitment, soon finds himself falling for Effy. Unfortunately their age differences will put William in a moral dilemma that will either prove his immaturity or become the path that brings him into adulthood. 
I really enjoyed Copenhagen. The film felt a bit like Lost In Translation meets Liberal Arts, two movies that I also loved. Aesthetically you see the wonders of a foreign land such as cobblestone streets, interesting social inventions, and fashion meets night life. Story wise you have a couple of characters with fantastic chemistry whose intermingling stories offer up an enjoyable watch that brings so many facets of both characters to light both personally and socially. It’s basically a film anyone can relate to be it family issues, relationship issues, or even crossroad issues where you’re lingering between adolescence and adulthood. 
The soundtrack for the film is also wonderful, especially the karaoke scene where Effy sings a Dutch song in a crowded bar and William and Effy’s worlds kind of push everything else out. Just fantastic. If you have Netflix I believe they have it now. I would highly suggest checking out. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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