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Couples Therapy: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

Couples Therapy

Therapy Begins
Regular Air Date: 
Thursdays @9PM
Air Date: 
Thursday, January 2, 2014

Season 4 of VH1's reality help show will be airing Thursday January 2, 2014 at 9PM that features the celebrities that need some help with their relationships. In this season of the show the couples that need help are Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher, Jon Gosselin and Liz Janetta, Ghostface and Kelsey Nykole, Whitney Mixter and Sada Bettencourt, and Farrah Abraham. Each of the couples talk to Dr. Jenn Berman to get her advice and guidance with their relationship problems and possibly be able to fix them. It's going to be tough for Dr. Jenn Berman as she has to deal with beatings from a past relationship, infidelity, and one guest who came alone to a couples therapy and it's all played out for the world to see.
To be honest I didn't know this show even existed no less that it's now going into it's fourth season. However, it does not surprise me that not only does this show exist, but it's the only one of it and it is only in it's fourth season. This kind of show has been around for a very long time, only it's been printed on paper and it's called tabloids. Now it's a televised show where the public can now watch the problems the celebrities are having with their personal lives. Here's the catch though, these are not any big named celebrity. Sure they are celebrities, they have been in the public eye, one being the closest to a real celebrity because he was in an actual musical group that was very popular at one time. As for the rest, they are just reality show celebrities, people that has not done anything other than be on a reality show, and that's who we get to see.
I'm not big on the reality shows but I've been less interested in the personal lives of celebrities longer than I have been with reality shows. Couples Therapy is all about showing the problems of minor (or in my opinion pseudo-celebs) airing their relationship problems. If you like watching someone else talk about how they think their loved one don't care about them, how one is cheating, and one who did an adult film yet don't consider herself a porn star, then you will enjoy this show. Me, it was not something I want to watch. The cast are people that I could care less about, their problems are ones that I can't identify with nor want to, and there's absolutely no substance in this show.
Alright, I wasn't thrilled, interested, or entertained by the content of this show but I also wasn't too impressed with the formatting of it either. As a whole it was edited the same as all the many, many other reality based shows are. There is the build up of something big going to happen before the commercial break, then the break, and when the show comes back on it reshows the same last minutes that lead into the break. The worst part of the formatting of this show was that at the start of it there is the introduction of all the cast members and what their problems are but it goes on for way too long. Then once they got through with showing that they started showing the arrival of each couple one by one and them meeting each other. This took up what seemed like the majority of the episode and it's just not interesting. There's nothing really driving the show along to keep it interesting during the whole time, at least nothing that was interesting to me. It's just these people talking to someone about their love life problems to someone that seems more interested in getting the fame of being the therapist to these people and becoming a celebrity like them also. If you like tabloids then you will like this show, if you like reality shows then you will most likely like this show, but for me I don't like either of those and I didn't like this.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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