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Tuesdays 9/8C

Cult is a television series on the CW Network surrounding the characters of Billy Grimm, a cult leader, and Kelly Collins, one of his former flock. Collins, now on the side of the law, is playing a cat and mouse game with Grimm that, so far, holds the lives of Collins' sister and nephew on the line. Can Collins follow the mysterious clues left by Grimm to find her sister and nephew alive or will Grimm exact a punishing lesson about leaving the flock to pursue your own dream?

Cult is also a television series on The CW Network about an investigative journalist named Jeff Seton whose brother has mysteriously disappeared and the people responsible for the abduction, killing, or what have you might very well be the followers of the show Cult. With the help of an assistant on the show named Skye Yarrow the two dive deep into the dark underbelly of the shows cult following to uncover clues to the whereabouts of Jeff’s brother and to make sense of the erratic behavior of the shows fans.

So, have I lost you yet? Probably. So let me explain. Cult is actually a show within a show. In the world of the show we watch in real time is a fictitious show called, well, Cult. What were watching is the lives of Seton and Yarrow as they look for Seton’s brother and uncover some revelations that make them believe that the show within the show is more then just a show. It may very well be a nefarious device being used to control some sort of real life cult in the world of Seton and Yarrow and Seton’s brother may have gotten in too deep. I know it all sounds so very confusing, and it is, but it will all make sense and draw you in when the pilot finally airs and you experience it for yourselves.

I have to admit that the show is sold on me. It has all those strange perplexing moments akin to LOST that lead to questions followed by even more questions. The show doesn’t hold back on the dark material revealing some pretty disturbing but captivating moments and the whole show within a show device really causes a loss of direction. Sometimes you just want to keep watching the show within the show to find out what happens next but then when it coincides with the show itself, there are really just a lot of mind blowing moments that keep you captivated and motivated to keep watching. As strange as it might sound I have a feeling that soon we’ll see some viral campaigning for the show that will add yet another depth to the show within the show giving us a role to play as well. I can’t wait for the season to kick off so I can dive deeper into the world of Cult and find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. I highly suggest checking it out. This show is going to be huge. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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