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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eve Lovett (Joely Fisher; ‘Til Death) is a TV Talk Show Host that is basically a real Scrooge. She doesn’t appreciate her staff, prefers her table for one at the same restaurant, and though her eternal single life does perplex her at times, she is all about her career. One day Eve gets a visit from Vernon Gart (Jaime Kennedy; The Ghost Whisperer), a strange man who appears on her show and tells her all about her failed relationships, even some she never talked to anyone about, all live on TV. She storms off and yells at her producer but by the time they glance back Vernon is gone. Unfortunately for Eve it’s not the last time she sees Vernon and even more unfortunate that no one else can, making her seem like a crazy woman anytime someone catches her and Vernon in a conversation.

Vernon is, as the title states, Cupid. Or at least from Cupid Inc., a company that has been keeping an eye on Eve. The company is worried because Eve doesn’t seem as if she’s ever going to find love so they offer up a proposition. Help two people fall in love and her one true love will be revealed to her. Oh, and the offer expires on Valentines Day, only a few days away.

Eve has some quirky moments where you can tell the character and their reactions were just written a bit meh, but Fisher manages to pull through and deliver a character that borders overbearing but never becomes annoying or boring. She delivers her character as a heartless boss but not in a malicious way that makes it easy to hate rather then love her. It’s all light hearted fun without the superficial thoughtlessness that can sometimes plague made for TV writing.

I wouldn’t say that Cupid was a total success but it’s one of those made for TV movies that has a great journey whose only discrepancies are far from revolutionary reveals that you could see coming a mile away. Still, with a strong cast, a more then decent script, and romance that isn’t pandering to the usual version of TV love, Cupid was a pretty fun film to settle down with for it’s 84 minute run time.



AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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