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Daisyhead: I Couldn't Face You EP

I Couldn't Face You EP

Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Although Nashville is known as a homebase of sorts for country and western music, rock music is represented in the city as well.  Rock outfit Daisyhead, whose members all originated from heavier rock projects, put out their first-ever release last week - I Couldn't Face You.  The EP consists of four tracks and is available on digital platforms courtesy of Spartan Records.

Opening track "Numbing Truth" quickly reminds listeners of the bandmember's past as the great majority of the guitar work falls more in line with hard rock.  Lead singer Mike Roe's vocal range is on full display and shines when the guitars aren't drowning him out.  "Sun" is chock full of raw energy and the little bit of drummer improv at the conclusion really adds to the authentic feeling of the song.  The fade-in fade-out of music at the beginning of title track "I Couldn't Face You" continues to fascinate me.  The more I hear it, the more I marvel at just how inventive it is at toying with listeners' ears.  Roe laments about fixing things in the past on EP finale "What's Done Is Done."  The track offers nothing fresh lyrically, but sounds good nevertheless.
Daisyhead, especially vocalist Mike Roe, are an extremely talented band when it comes to crafting rock songs.  Turning down the guitars a tad might just allow them to be appreciated more.  I suggest checking out the title track and making your purchase decision based on that.     

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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