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Monday, January 13, 2014

I was going to do my normal to describe what this show is about first then talk about it but this is just one show I can't do that with. So instead, I will just mix the two together in the one review. Here's the reason why I won't do that and mainly can't do that style, the show is just too large of a show to do that for. Dallas is a show that originally started in the late 70's and all the way until 1991 as the prime time soap opera show. Like normal soaps, Dallas was a show with a very large cast that revolves around one central family, the Ewings, a oil and cattle ranching family that is always having family issues. After years of being off the air, TNT brought the show back on with a lot of the original cast, even J.R. (played by the late Larry Hagman), his brother Bobby (played by Patrick Duffy), as well as Pamela Barnes Ewing (played by Victoria Principal), and Sue Ellen (played by Linda Gray). Along with having the original cast being on the show, TNT also had the show keep with the huge plot lines, the drama filled episodes, and all the craziness that makes Dallas stand out not only among the day time soaps but with the regular prime time shows.
Though I have seen some of the original episodes of Dallas that aired in the past, season 3 was my first adventure into watching this new version of the show. My first impression was wow how time has flown by because though the actors where older when the show was first on, they are now much older than I remembered them being. Not that it matters, in fact if I had been more into this style of show, by having the original cast on it would be enough to at least draw me in to watch it. Which when the series first started again I almost did watch it because of the cast being back, especially J.R., and of course for that opening theme, what a great theme song this show has. But now that I'm older, I work in a job that is full of real life drama, watching a show that's driven by nothing else but drama is not my thing anymore. And boy ol'boy does Dallas have the drama.
I can't say that I didn't like the show nor can I say that I fully liked it. Being that I am jumping in so far into the series where I have no clue what has happened up to this point, I was just lost through the whole season. I got the gist of most of the plots going on, like the family still fighting over places to drill for oil, there are revenge plots being worked out, Sue Ellen is in rehab so the family still has that black sheep, and of course the fight for control of the company and where it's going to go. It's been awhile since I've watched this kind of show but in the time that I missed the plots remain the same. Drama, romance, revenge, hidden agendas, and huge family issues but then again the family is also huge. As for the acting on this show it's a 50/50 of being good and bad. Some of the actors are good, not only have they given life to their characters but they play them as if they are real. On the flip side there are also some that are just over doing the drama and have made their characters ones that I just wanted off the screen. I got to say though, if you were a fan of the original show I think you will like this new version of it, which is to say that it's new because it's coming out with new episodes being filmed now and has new casting, but they didn't try to change it where it's a reboot. This continues with the Ewing family where it just picks back up with the family years after it had ended. So the show has it's good points, just with not being up to date with what's going on in the series and it still being a drama filled show, I couldn't fully enjoy or get involved with it but it's also still a show with decent elements.

Lee Roberts
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