Danny B. Harvey & Mysti Moon: Hell Cat Stomp

Hell Cat Stomp

(Danny B. Harvey & Mysti Moon)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

“Hell Cat Stomp” is a collaborative album pairing guitarist Danny B. Harvey with vocalist Mysti Moon. Danny is no stranger to the music scene because he has worked with Headcat/ Rockats/ Swing Cats. As for Mysti, she used to work with Devil’s Daughter. If you put them together, you have a CD full of Blues, Rock, and Swing music.
Danny is great on the instrumentals, but more variety would have been beneficial. Also, it felt like the instrumentals ran for too long on some songs and dragged on forever. As for Mysti, her sultry and slightly raspy voice stole the show. Danny’s vocals were subpar and he was better suited for the instrumentals. He should have left all the vocals for Mysti because she rocked the microphone.
I was not sure if these two could work together, but they told a good story on “Hell Cat Stomp.” As I mentioned earlier, some variety would have made this album a lot interesting because the work ethic and chemistry was already there on the album. Danny and Mysti are good at what they do as long as they stick to what they are good at. For those reasons, I am giving “Hell Cat Stomp” a “C.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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