Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Running Time: 
88 minutes
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Dante has spent the last bit of his life fighting in the Crusades and is finally heading home to his family and his beloved Beatrice. When he arrives home he find his whole family slaughtered and Beatrice breathing her last breath. Her spirit leaves her body to make the journey to heaven; but is grabbed out of thin air as Lucifer has other plans. Dante braves the levels of Hell in attempts to save his loves soul and faces the sins of his past head on.

Out of the “Divine Comedy” my favorite was of course the portion on the Inferno and I’m also a big fan of anime so needless to say I was excited for this movie. Here are a few things I discovered. First this is “loosely” based on the poem, sure there are the various levels and they keep what the levels are suppose to be accurate but Hell is merely a background for the actual story going on. Next there are 6 directors taking on the story. This gives different animation styles giving Dante varying looks along with the other characters and colorations.

I wish that there had been more emphasis put on the levels of Hell instead of using it pretty much as scenery, at times barely addressing it. The story of Dante’s past is violent, dark, and bloody; but somehow a good portion of it is boring. I found myself zoning out on several occasions, it just dragged along. It felt choppy because you have not only different directors but you are jumping from Hell, to Dante’s memories, to Beatrice and the Devil. There is no flow to the story.

Honestly it is not terrible; but it had the chance to be so much better. The multiple directors I think hurt the story more than helped; but the concept behind it was good. Had I known that Hell is the backdrop and this is more about Dante’s love for Beatrice and his own sins I think I would enjoy watching it more. I will say that game looks to be much better than this was.

NOTE: Even if you can’t tell based off of the subject of Hell being touched on this is not for children. There is blood, murder, violence, sex, and some nudity.

Review by Pandora
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