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Darryl Way: Ultra Violins

Ultra Violins

(Darryl Way)
Release Date: 
Monday, June 10, 2013
When it comes to classical music, I know what I like. If the music stands out to me in a profound way that separates itself from the rest, even in some small way, I’m game. With Darryl Way’s Ultra Violins I was entertained, but the album felt complacent in staying within the boundaries of classical music. 
Way’s album has a very proper, aged even, sound to it that had me imagining an English period drama where an orchestra was sitting in some drafty castle playing to wig wearing debutantes and stuffy gentlemen. It didn’t bring me into the now, so on that note it felt more like history class then anything. If I had the urge to listen to this type of music, me being a movie guy, I would pop in a British film that features this kind of music, and watch something more purposeful with the music as a background support. 
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Way’s performance on this album. If I was having trouble relaxing or even falling asleep I could totally listen to this album and get comfortable on the couch. As an album that I could throw on and listen to and just let my mind wander on some adventure inspired by the music, this album isn’t it. It’s good, but doesn’t serve any kind of purpose for me other then getting a peek at the past. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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