Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live In Las Vegas

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live In Las Vegas

(Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Did you Know?

This marks Reynolds and Matthews third collaborative recording.

Dave Matthews fans are in for a real treat with the release of Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live In Las Vegas. Taken from their December 12th show of 2009 long time collaborator and recording mate Tim Reynolds and Dave Matthews perform hits from both of their solo works together including an excellent cover of Led Zeppelins Kashmir. Spanning 2 discs and 26 songs you get over 2 hours of great tunes.

First off despite how obvious it is that Dave Matthews is a great performer and musician the album is bumped up several notches of awesomeness by the inclusion of Tim Reynolds. Reynolds, a multi-instrumentalist, and destroyer of genre boundaries sticks out on the album, really shining on the Zeppelin cover Kashmir, but what makes the album perfect is the pairing of Reynolds mastering of all instruments played herein with Matthews’ acrobatic vocals trademarked by his devil may care delivery style. Everything fans of either artist have come to expect is met and for those who have had the pleasure of owning or hearing Reynolds and Matthews’ previous collaborations (Live at Luther College and Live at Radio City) it only gets better in my opinion. The real icing on the cake is the hilarious commentary by Matthews throughout the concert. Its obvious his connection with his audience is as strong and playful as ever.

The track listing for Live In Las Vegas is as follows:

Disc 1

1. Eh Hee
2. Dancing Nancies
3. Squirm  
4. Grace Is Gone
5. Alligator Pie
6. One Sweet World
7. Loving Wings
8. Grey Street
9. Kundalini Bonfire
10. Oh
11. Christmas Song
12. Funny the Way It Is
13. Stay Or Leave
14. Shake Me Like A Monkey
15. Lying In The Hands Of God

Disc 2
1. Bartender  
2. Kashmir
3. So Damn Lucky
4. Little Red Bird
5. Save Me
6. You & Me
7. Crush   
8. Some Devil
9. Typical Situation
10. Sister  
11. Two Step


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