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Davenport Cabinet: Our Machine

Our Machine

(Davenport Cabinet)
Release Date: 
Monday, February 11, 2013

Travis Stever, formerly of Coheed and Cambria returns with his new project Davenport Cabinet on their sophomore effort, Our Machine. The album is a mixture of folk and classic rock sounds that might take newcomers, like myself, on an assumption trip that the band hails from the late 60’s to early seventies, and onto a mind blowing moment where you realize their a current band. 

Our Machine is an interesting album. I wasn’t around for Davenport Cabinet’s freshman release, Nostalgia In Stereo, or for the bands original incarnation titled The English Panther, so this is all new to me. Still, I was immediately taken aback by the fact that the band wasn’t fronted by an aging classic rock star still hanging onto the dream or attempting to make a comeback. 
There is a mixture of styles on the album from Americana to classic rock and possibly even a small faint trace of psychedelic rock laying undertones in the background of some songs. You’ve got banjo’s plucking subtly in there, strange subtle synths (or what sounds like synths) eerily peeking out from behind the veil, and Stever’s incredibly crafted harmonizing on vocals. Stever’s vocals are the glue that keeps the album from drifting under the weight of somewhat similar sounds, but all together a mixed bag of styles that manage to work together on a whole. 
Usually when I throw around the folk genre title it’s due to a clever narrative in storytelling or some small essence of the genre in the music. Davenport Cabinet really goes that extra mile on some tracks to lock in that description on both counts. Every song is a narration on something, with vocals that enunciate the lyrical  so the listener doesn’t get lost in a wall of sound or a to emotional delivery for effect. Everything manages to come together in the execution. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely something everyone could give a listen to and determine weather or not it’s for them. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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