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Dear Dumb Diary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Dear Dumb Diary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Release Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2013
I was pretty impressed with the soundtrack to Hallmarks film version of Jim Benton’s kids series Dear Dumb Diary. Not only was the soundtrack very well put together, it also featured some pretty deep themes that made the album, combined with some well put together music, more then your usual fare when it comes to kids themed soundtracks, sung by kids (and adults). 
Emily Alyn Lind plays the main character in the film (Jamie Kelly) and does all her own singing on the soundtrack. Tunes range from rock themed narrations about school crushes, popular kids, and a lament that comes off a bit overdramatic in the context of the person singing, but a pretty deep tune that reflects a positive perspective on the future of the main character. 
Along the way we get some sillier songs about cafeteria food, a Lady Gaga cover of Paparazzi, an orchestrated score, a karaoke track, and some other scattered tunes that makes this more then just a Kidz Bop type album and more of a serious induction into the soundtrack landscape that will encourage you to see the film just to see how all of these songs fit together in a live action film. Well worth checking out. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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