Defiance: Season 2


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Thursday, June 19, 2014
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Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Season 1 Alternate Ending, Defiance The Lost Ones Minisodes, Jesse Does Defiance, Ultraviolet Copy

It's the future and the future does not look bright, in fact the future offers a harsh living for  for the people living in Defiance. As the city-state gains a new mayor it also has crime growing as Stahma (played by Jamie Murray) is working to take over the empire of crime. But are they gaining something new or will the new Mayor Pottinger (played by James Murray) be the only one that will get what he wants when he takes control of Definace? Earth Republic has taken over control over Defiance and they will make sure that the new mayor does what they want. For the people that have made Defiance their home, living there is not that easy and they are not getting any easier as the new rulers of the town start enforcing their rules. Even the Tarr Family feel the effects of the power change in Defiance and in their own family as their personal problems affect the family and the buisness. Amanda Rosewater (played by Julie Benz) gets a new position for herself but she is also starting to get dependent on a substance that might be her downfall.  Even as Nolan (played by Grant Bowler) searches for his lost daughter Irisa (played by Stephanie Leonidas) he discovers that he can't keep away from Defiance for too long.
So it's the second season for Defiance, a town that is set in the future after aliens have attacked the world and now both humans and aliens live together. Before I start my review I have to let it be known that I have not watched season one of Defiance but I can say that after watching season 2 I'm wanting to know how this show began. This show is set in the future where anything is possible, like having the Earth transformed into a more savage place, many people are dead, there are animals that have went extinct, and some new species that are now alive, anything is possible for this show to do and that's one of it's best points.

As I watched this season I started to notice something about Defiance, it has a western feel to it, even with it being set in the future where aliens have attacked, they live with humans, and there is some hybrid walking around, there's still a western theme. Just look at the one theme of having the character Amanda Rosewater (right there her name alone sounds western, Rosewater), owns a bar, there's a love triangle going between the man in power and the gunslinger. The town is rough, life is rough, it's a live by the gun standards but only the people with the guns are not the ones you want to have the guns.

There's also a recurring theme going on with the characters of having power struggles. The mayor has to worry about Earth Republic, Earth Republic has to worry about the Tarr family, and Nolan has to deal with all of them and his own daughter. However, even with the common theme of the power struggles, this show also makes the future for anyone on it pretty bleak. There are bad politicians, the tough cowboy character who most of the people like but anyone in power wants him dead, the beautiful woman who the people respect but is also being used, and of course all the secrets, the conspiracy plots, the crime, the backstabbing, and romance. I got to say though, the writing on this show is actually decent, not great, it won't be one of those shows that you will tell your children that they have to watch because it's the greatest show ever, but it's a show that while you watch it, you enjoy it.  The characters are developed well where they have depth as well as being believable, the plots are entertaining, and all the different story lines going on make you want to watch just to see how they play out. The actors give a good performance in their roles where their acting seems like they are enjoying their characters and the show themselves. It's  just a fun show to watch where the meshing of the old west with the future has been done well with a cast of actors that do a good job, and sets that look real.

This show looked really good on Blu Ray and I was also liking the bonus features. The show is bright when it needs to be, it's dark when it needs to be, and both times I am still able to see everything and with detail. Colors on it pop out at you and there are a lot of different colors being used on this show, from the dirty white to the reds, the greens, and all the other colors, they are all clear and bright. Detail is impressive, maybe sometimes a little too clear cause I could see some of the makeup and pores of the actors. Audio is clear and sharp with no worries about not hearing anything clearly or messing with the volume. Best of all though is the bonus features that include my favorite, the gag reel, but also deleted scenes, an alternate ending to season 1, and other fun stuff.

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