Desert Punk: Vixen Of The Desert (Volume 3)

Desert Punk

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Desert Punk and Kosuna join up with Junko to help an old rich man find his treasure in the desert. When they finally arrive at the abandoned old town they find it is guarded by a robot. Desert Punk takes it on and also discovers that Junko is a traitor. After taking care of his first mission Desert Punk takes Junko as a prisoner and holds her in his lair. But he ends up being trapped in there too.

This follows the same setup as the others. Desert Punk and Kosuna take on missions, there is some action as he tries to succeed to make cash, and of course the constant quest for Desert Punk to get laid. I love it when Desert Punk is focused and ready to take on anything in his path. The action isn’t half bad and I love his costume. Also the intro and the closing songs are great. But what does get to me is the ever present search for sex, this to me starts getting boring and it makes it boarder more on porn-anime with all the shots of boobs jiggling and stuff. There are 4 episodes which are about average for any anime DVD; but there are a few more than average bonus features. You have desert parody, life in the desert, actor commentary, and textless songs. I will say this if you loved the first two releases and you don’t think you could ever tire of the storyline then you will not be disappointed with Volume 3.

Review by Pandora
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