Desperate Housewives: The Complete Fifth Season

Desperate Housewives

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Sundays 9/8C
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I was a fan of the first season, then they started faltering, painting the story into corners they couldn’t get out of well just trying anything to have some big mystery going on. I lost interest and stopped watching the show unless it came in for me to review. Season five there are things to love about it, things that can certainly be seen as filler, and other things that while not horrible choices could have possibly not been done or handled better.

As far as loving I think that they managed to find a decent way to get Gabby back on her feet and not dragging that on for too long, and the Dave Williams story (while at times a little scattered) was interesting and brought a decent mystery to Wisteria Lane. Filler episodes, well the one that stands out the most is the handyman passing away. Was this just an excuse to flashback some, it did not progress the story whatsoever and for a character we have never even met before. And personally I felt that the whole thing with Porter and the older woman just dragged along to quickly be cleared up when they had nowhere else to go with it. But by the end of the season they have wrapped most everything up, killed a couple of people, left just a few stories out there to keep your interest and even manage to end with a cliff-hanger that seems happier than most of theirs in the past.

If you are still hanging in there as a fan, then I am sure you were happy with this season. If you are a past fan that left out of boredom, then this would be the season to try and get you hooked again.

Bonus Features:
Commentary on select episodes
“What More Do I Need?” A Very Good Read – Watching some of the table reads, and the actors talk about it
“I Know Things Now: Desperate Housewives Celebrates 100” – Actors and crew talk about the show and getting to 100 episodes, including behind the scenes glimpses
“So Very Teri” – A look at Teri’s physical comedy and timing
“Cherry-Picked Creator Marc Cherry’s Favorite Scenes” – 7 scenes with option commentary by Marc Cherry
Deleted Scenes – 8 of them

Review by Pandora
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