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Devour The Day: Time & Pressure

Time & Pressure

(Devour The Day)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Devour the Day return to their previous roots (Egypt Central) with Skidd Mills (Egypt Central: White Rabbit) producing their debut album for Fat Lady Records/Carolina Music (really re-releasing the album) titled Time & Pressure. 
Time & Pressure is an album that reads more like a diary then your average radio rock ready band on the market. Topics on the album include the atrocities of the music business and the experiences you may run in to. You’ve got songs that hit on the spirituality and the experience of being a mere human in a world of sin (but trying to be good). There are songs about being young and unstoppable and songs ironically about being fragile and breakable. Really a gamut of related and unrelated topics that are sure to have universal connections for many of the albums travelers. 
Musically the band hits on a few fronts. On one hand you have a very hard rock style that flirts with death rattle grunge dynamics, funk musings that will remind you of Mid-career Incubus (Joey Chicago has a moment of Flea inspired bass playing), but all together it’s pretty much the band jamming it out with the wide ranging influences of the rock category. 
The album did have a couple of surprises on it which included a Spaghetti Western theme tune (The Drifter) and a very well done acoustic version of their song Good Man. They both help close out the album by putting the rest of the album into contrast as well as bringing you back to the start with that acoustic version of track 2 (Good Man). Pretty decent stuff that will surely make it big on radio. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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