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Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 (PREVIEW)

I made the rounds with Don’t Trust the B---- In Apartment 23 and it’s pilot some time ago and my first experience with it left me feeling as if, surprisingly, the only thing the show had going for it was James Van De Beek. Let’s face it, this is Van Der Beek’s greatest role ever, him basically playing himself and having fun with it. I wasn’t to impressed by Dreama Walker or Krysten Ritter, two polar opposites on the extreme far side of their respective ends. I had the opportunity to check out two more episodes of the show to find out if the show remained, basically, the James Van Dr Beek show or if the rest of the cast would step up and become actual characters rather then simple caricatures put together from a variety of characters we’ve seen before. So how did it go?

The two episodes I had a look at were Daddy’s Girl and The Wedding, and it seemed like the pilot got all of it’s little quirks out of the way from one nude scene, one scene of a neighbor seemingly masturbating, and another with Ritter ruining a birthday and a birthday cake. With most of the raunchier shock value out of the way the show tackles some pretty good humor. Again, James Van Der Beek, born again star. I mean I can’t even remember the last time I’d seen the guy, and he’s been in tons since Dawson’s Creek. In any case the raunchy factor gets turned down a smidge along with the shock humor. Don’t get me wrong, the show is still a formulaic carbon copy of several other shows; Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Workaholics to name a few. I mean, come on, Dreama works at a coffee shop, Ritter doesn’t work at all, Van Der Beek…well who cares, he’s hilarious so whatever.

No, it’s not the most original show ever to air on television but it does have a pretty decent story to tell in each episode that ends in hilarity and offers up a bit of raunchy humor to boot. The best part, in my opinion, is that the show lacks that completely annoying laugh track that tends to ruin shows. So, should you watch Don’t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23? Absolutely. As long as the show has James Van Der Beek making fun of himself and his time on Dawson’s Creek the show is golden in my eyes. Walker and Ritter are okay and they do have their moments, but so far, three episodes in, and I’m still looking forward to seeing more. As always, final judgment is yours. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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