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Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Complete Season Three

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Special Guests:

Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Richard Moll, Casper Van Dien, Kristin Davis

As I sat watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Season Three I found myself annoyed by all of the mistakes the show made in Season One. For example, the town and its inhabitants. How could anyone feel welcomed there? I can see them sitting around having one of those laugh about it later conversations. Oh, remember the time that those Jews came to town and we toppled their wagon and crushed one of them. Thank Goodness we said we were sorry and let them move into town. How about that time Dr. Quinn opened a library and gave us her Father’s books which we turned on when we found out some of them were immoral and lit them on fire. Good thing we apologized and let her have her library anyway. Oh, wait, how about that time that burn victim came to town and we all went after him with pitch forks and torches. Well, we figured we were wrong and he came back in the season finale. The towns constant memory reset button is an annoying feature I hate about this show. The writing for the show conveniently makes them either really nice or savagely ignorant. Which is it?

Second flaw of the show is its lead character, Dr. Quinn. I get it, she’s civilized, came from a major city, but she is the most stubborn character on the show. If she can’t have it her way she whines and forces people to listen to reason, her reason, even when she’s wrong. She whines about the townsfolk, the people passing through, her relationship with Sully the mountain man, the Indians, the Immigrants. It must suck to know so much about what’s right and what’s wrong. I think they just went overkill on this character. In the scheme of the show for its time and place it makes sense but it’s not something I want to go through every episode and fortunately there are some episodes that manage to find some deviation even if it’s a bit laughable. See episode The End of the World where a comet is being reported as crashing into the Earth killing off all living things in a few days. The signs to look for? Oh they all just happen to pop up in this episode; Earthquakes, geysers exploding, meteorites crashing, freak thunderstorms. Come on now. Really?

As far as the ridiculous, in my opinion, repackaging of this series goes I’m still scratching my head. The last release for the stand alone Season Three was in 2010 and featured an actual bonus featurette titled Highlights where here we get a Cast Biographies (text format). Prices for both are relatively close unlike the previous comparative releases. The 2010 release sports a $27.92 price tag while the 2011 release sports a $26.99 price tag. As I said before in my previous two reviews for the previous two seasons you just have to decide which is a more sound investment? The 2011 release has not been remastered in anyway and said featurette replaced by a text format biographies page. As always, final judgment is yours.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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