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Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II

(Electronic Arts)
Ship Date: 
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Time To Finish: 
30-60 Hours

Dragon Age: Origins was released in November 2009 to great critical reviews, and quickly gained an almost fanatic cult following, due to its engaging story, range of interesting characters, and ridiculous amount of choice afforded to the player. However, despite its mostly positive reception, the title also had its fair share of flaws, so the question is, has BioWare successfully rectified these issues with Dragon Age II, or exacerbated them?


In Dragon Age: Origins, the game allowed you to create your own unique character from scratch, but in Dragon Age II you are forced to play as Hawke, a human from Lothering. However, like in BioWare’s other awesome RPG series, Mass Effect, the developer still gives the player a lot of freedom. In fact, apart from the above details, pretty much everything else about Hawke can be tweaked to your heart’s desire, including gender, facial appearance, and class.

The three classes from Origins return (Warrior, Rogue and Mage), and they still feel different enough that you’ll want to try them all. The six attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Willpower, Magic, Cunning and Constitution) also remain from the previous game, with the player gaining three points to spend on these attributes every time their character (and other party members) level up. Talents and specialisations, meanwhile, have been made easier to manage, but we’ll get to that later.

You can also change your character’s first name, which helps to make your character feel unique, despite the fact that every gamer essentially plays as the same character. Whilst party members and NPCs will refer to you as Hawke in spoken dialogue, your character’s first name will constantly appear in text throughout the game, such as in letters, codexes and journal entries, successfully making your character more personal to you.


The story in Dragon Age: Origins was absolutely the highlight of the game, and thankfully, Dragon Age II doesn’t disappoint on that front either. Set over a ten-year period, the story is actually told in flashbacks; the game opens with a mysterious woman interrogating a dwarf called Varric. The woman, whose name is Cassandra, introduces herself as a Seeker (think of them as elite Templars from the Chantry), and questions Varric about ‘the Champion’.




Review by Stefhutch20