Dragonaut The Resonance: Complete Series Part 02

Dragonaut The Resonance

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Bonus Features

Commentary Episode 16, Textless Opening & Closing Song, Trailers

Jin and Gio work together with some of the other Dragonauts to save Toa. After finally being reunited Jin, Toa, and Gio take the chance to settle down and try to live a normal life. But their peaceful life doesn’t last long as it is brought to their attention the dragons are being hunted down and captured for some unknown plan. Soon the Dragonauts are stuck between a war going on with the humans and Thanatos, one that seems impossible to win but one that they must.

The story started off slow, a little too slow for my liking. While the love between Jin & Toa is sweet and the triangle as they add Gio can be a little interesting there was so much whining and longing that it made the plot trudge along. There was some relief from the battles that took place with the other Dragonauts; but the dragons in full form are boxy and odd looking.

For this release not much has changed except now there are some more battles. The characters are developed more fully though and that did get me interested. As the story comes to an end Jin & Kazuki finally faceoff, Toa & Jin make some tough choices about their love, and once and for all the Dragonauts fully realize that there can be love between a human and a dragon. Of course there are still plenty of barely clothed, large breasted women to attempt and distract from the slow story. If they had condensed this down to maybe 12 episodes or less instead of the 25 episodes perhaps the story would have moved better and held my interest longer.

This release includes the 26 episode that really has nothing to do with the story. It takes place after everything and is actually a break from the monotony. It is amusing and had the show been more like that I think I would be a fan.

Review by Pandora
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