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Dragonball The Movie Sticker Book

Dragonball The Movie Sticker Book

Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
# of Pages: 

The book has 102 stickers that are characters, vehicles, dragonballs, weapons, and fireballs. There are 2 pages with character silhouettes for you to match the stickers to and 1 page to match up vehicles and items to the silhouettes. Then there are 2 different background sets from the movie to place the stickers however you wish. The first scene is 2 pages of an indoor temple and the second scene is 2 pages for the final battle outdoors. Each page has a few short sentences giving you a small look at the storyline or the characters.

I pulled up 15 stickers to try-out. I ended up ripping off Chi-Chi’s feet, had a few snags in Goku’s staff, and a backpack I had to peel twice because the backing didn’t come off. This are pretty standard things though with sticker books, just try to take your time when peeling. Most of the character stickers are facing forward so it is hard to set up fight scenes and many of the items or people are not to scale so you end up with a person standing next to a backpack that is almost as big as they are. With only two scenes the bikes & cars don’t really fit in anywhere. But these are just small details. The last sticker book my 8 year old brother had he didn’t care about that and just stuck the stickers where he wanted (as I would imagine most kids do). On the back of the book it says that the stickers can be reused. I tested that and they did pull up and re-stick to the book.

I haven’t played with a sticker book in many many years; but this was kind of fun. Also it gave me a small glimpse at the movie (though I am still not looking forward to it). But as far as sticker books go this seems to be on par with others out there and young DBZ fans will probably enjoy it. There are also movie-inspired chapter books coming out to keep an eye out for. Retail price $6.99.

Review by Pandora
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