Drinking Made Easy: Season 2

Drinking Made Easy

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
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Do you like to drink? Do you like to find new places to drink at? Maybe have new drinks while checking out the lifestyle of the area you're in? That's exactly what Zane Lamprey and his friend Steve McKenna like to do and they let you in on their fun as they go around the states to different cities to do a taste test of the popular or the original drinks. While they are at it they talk a little about the culture of the city they are in, just so they're not only drinking on the show.

Talk about a job I would love to have, being on TV, traveling the USA, getting paid, and all in the efforts to talk about drinking and the local culture. Drinking Made Easy is the title as well as being what the show is about, making drinking easy. Comedian Zane Lamprey and Steve McKenna have fun as they go around to different bars and breweries finding out how drinks are made, then drinking them, talking about said drink, and having lots of doing it. These guys know their brews or at least they make it sound like they do and that's what this show is about.

This might sound like a lot of fun to do, at least to me it does, it's also a topic that's actually hard to do. A lot of people talk about how it would be easy to just sit around talking about beers and drinking them, and sure that part is easy, but to be able to do it in an interesting way as well as being funny where people want to watch and listen to you, well that's another story. These 2 guys do exactly that though. Drinking Made Easy is fun to watch because these guys are fun to watch and they are funny. It just so happens that they are drinking as they do it. The show has no real importance to the world, unless you are working on a new drink that will change your life, Drinking Made Easy is fun to watch because of the idea of being able to travel the states drinking. Being something I would enjoy doing I enjoyed the show.

I think what amazed me the most is that Zane could even talk without slurring his speech or falling down with the amount that he drinks. At times I got a little bored with the show but only because I was watching the whole season by back-to-back episodes. Doing it this way made some of the episodes seem the same by the mid-season point. Which pretty much they are all the same, they go to a different city and they drink, that's the show. So if you are not a fan of drinking, and I don't mean just a one beer every 6 months to a year kind of drinking, but lets go out this weekend and next weekend and the weekend after that drinking, then you probably won't care much for this show. But if you do like to drink, then you'll get a kick out of this show, the hosts are funny, they bring up some interesting points, and they make you want to try some of those drinks they have on the show.


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