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Elmo's Magic Numbers

Elmo's Magic Numbers

On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What in the world could I possibly say about Sesame Street that hasn't already been said over the 42 years that it's been in existence? It remains steadfastly consistent. It's encouraging to kids and parents alike, educating and enlightening those who watch it. On this particular release, you get a focus on math and numbers with Elmo and his friends.There are two full-length Sesame Street episodes, along with a bonus episode of Elmo's World, plus the classic Counting Pinball animated sequence. For us parental units, there's some downloadable content and parent tips.

It's a nice little package and not a bad deal if your kids like Elmo and his buddies. As an Arrested Development fan, it's also hilarious to see Will Arnett play yet another hapless magician. Obviously he's a goof and fits in perfectly the overall vibe and humor of Sesame Street. If you don't have any Sesame Street and/or Elmo material in your DVD collection, this isn't a bad place to start. 

Jeremy Hunt
Review by Jeremy Hunt
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