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Emphatic: Another Life

Another Life

Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just a few years ago Nebraskan rock outfit Emphatic was on the verge of success.  Their album Damage produced a couple of minor hits before the band suffered a major setback.  Former lead singer Patrick Wilson fractured his larynx which eventually lead to himself and several other bandmates leaving Emphatic.  Now reformed with new lead singer Toryn Green (formerly of Fuel), Emphatic released their third album - Another Life - this week and hope to recapture both fame and popularity.

The first song that really struck me off the new album was "Lights."  The track is a tad lighter than most others on Another Life and really gives listeners the opportunity to check out new lead singer Toryn Green.  Longtime fans of Emphatic may have a difficult time transitioning to Green, but he certainly has a talented voice well-suited for rock and roll.  It may not be my personal cup of tea, but "Some Things Never Die" is a well done ballad where Green laments about a lost love.  This song could easily become a hit if released as a radio single.  Speaking of singles - the first single off the album, "Remember Me," is a memorable change of pace.  Green delivers a quicker chorus delivery that is catchy and hopefully something the band explores further on future work.

Perhaps I'm over-analyzing, but the lyrics on "I Don't Need You" struck a bad chord with me.  The chorus includes the line "..you put the bullet in my gun and now you're lyin' on the ground.."  I heavily endorse artistic freedom in any form of entertainment media, but this particular line felt a bit too direct and irresponsible considering recent events in our country.  This sort of stuff will only result in negative publicity for the band.  "Louder Than Love" features some intricate guitar work, but cheesy lyrics spoil the fun.  Lines like "..your smile gets me through the day when I'm feeling all alone.." will have most rock fans rolling their eyes.  The CD insert includes an enlarged album cover poster on one side and complete lyrics for every track on the other.  Although Another Life does contain a few missteps, the majority of modern rock fans should enjoy this as much as any recent releases from more mainstream acts. 

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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