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Endless Love

Endless Love

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Running Time: 
105 minutes
Mourning the loss of her brother, Jade Butterfield falls madly in love with high school fly on the wall David Elliott. Their relationship is fast and furious in more ways then one and Jade’s Father isn’t going to stand for it. Forget that his entire family is mourning the loss of a loved one, damn it, he’s sworn to end this silly romance if it kills everyone else in the family (though figuratively and psychologically, of course).
I can honestly say when I saw the film starred Alex Pettyfer I instantly trashed any notion that it would be anything but Twilight quality romance only a teen could scope as a possible reality. Forget the fact that this film is a remake, though loosely adapted, it simply tries too hard to capture the stupification of what tween girls and their Mom’s worked so hard to convince themselves was greatness in that somewhat forgotten Vampire series of yesteryear. 
Had Pettyfer been played by, I don’t know, Michael Cera, and the girl still falls madly and hopelessly in love (lust) for him, maybe we could talk. The film was little less then a rambunctious dip in the overused pool of generic love stories that, after time, comes down to poor storytelling and a couple of pretty faces. I’m usually a hopeless romantic, but this film was complete garbage from the get go. 
Endless Love finds it’s way on Blu-Ray with lackluster results. Where open spaces could account for magnificent color, only found in close ups, the picture here feels a bit bland at times. Dark shots come out a bit noisy, but detail manages to stay in focus when the camera is completely zoned in. Obviously Universal wasn’t going to treat this film with the same kid gloves that made the Blu-Ray release of Jaws such a powerhouse BD, but for what you get it’s decent enough, just not great. 
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