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Entourage: Buzzed (PREVIEW)

Entourage is coming to an end as there are only six more episodes left after this seventh season. The season started off with a bang on Sunday in "Stunted"  when Vince performs a dangerous car stunt while playing the lead role in his upcoming film. Drama is in search for a new role as well but things aren't looking so hot when Ari gives him the harsh truth.

"Buzzed" continues from where "Stunted" left off. Drama is still desperately searching for a role that will make him a star while Vince is enjoying this newfound rush for danger. Ari on the other hand is attempting to make the biggest deal of his career with the NFL. For every little thing that turns out well though, there's always a black sheep following close behind.

What makes Entourage so interesting is the fact that the producers are able to cram so much content into each 30 minute episode. Each character has their own story arc going on but there are bits and pieces intertwined together so that everything makes sense. At no point do you feel confused or overwhelmed. It also manages to leave you with a decent cliffhanger to keep you coming back for more the following week. 

The only disadvantage I can see is the fact that Entourage airs on HBO so not everyone has the opportunity to watch it. Thankfully in today's age of the internet and Hulu, you should be able to find it somewhere not too long after it airs.This season has started off well so far. Let's hope they can keep it up.

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