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ER: Season 15


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Bonus Features

Unaired Scenes, Retrospective Featurette

County General Hospital has become the home to the most dedicated doctors around and also the worst emergencies around. No matter the time or the day there is always something going on at the hospital that require the doctors, nurses, and everyone else that enter through the doors to make decisions that could end up being one that allows someone to live or die. In this final season there are some characters coming from the past seasons to help out in the hospital that has an overfill of sick and injured but not enough of the people that cure them.

I watched this show when it first started and actually liked it a lot but then around the fifth season they started to bring in new actors and get rid of the ones that made the show so good. This continued on throughout the following seasons and it’s one of the reasons I stopped watching it. Another reason I stopped watching it was because each episode just became one huge disaster after another and with each time it was made to be even more dramatic. It got old real fast having to wonder if one of the main characters was going to die, be hurt, or just end up getting fired because they allowed someone to die. I bring this up because after no watching the show since around the 5 season, picking up again 10 seasons later and it being the last allowed me to watch it like it was the first season again.

Did I like it like I did the first season? No. That luster of having a show that was doing something new with an idea that in the past had been old was long lost for “ER” and it didn’t matter that they were bringing in some of the cast from those early years. Sure I liked seeing Noah Wyle  in the role of Dr. John Carter but he was only there for 5 episodes as a special guest appearance, then there was George Clooney in his character as Dr. Doug Ross but for only 1 episode, Anthony Edwards makes an appearance in 1 episode even though his character was dead, Alex Kingston came back as Dr. Elizabeth Corday for 2 episode, and so on with around 11 of the original cast make special appearances from 1 to 5 episodes (Noah Wyle being the most with 5). So even with all these past actors making an appearance where in my guess the makers where trying to give the show that old feel, I only was given this glimpse of a memory as to why I liked the show and why I now still didn’t like the show.

Having such a huge cast is one of the aspects that help and hurt the show. With there being so many characters it’s hard to get connected more with a single individual but because there is so many characters the story line don’t get too stale. Yet, considering that each episode had to have some huge drama going on where someone was always about to die, and yes I know it’s a show about an emergency room, there’s just too much of it. I’ve been in emergency rooms before and though they are busy and usually packed with people I’ve never heard of a bio-terrorist being in one or loosing a veteran, it always seems to go wrong on this show. Which is why I couldn’t stand watching most of the episodes because I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, even with the good moments in the show I was expecting something to go wrong. This is how the show made me feel and for that reason alone I don’t like watching it. I want to be left with a good feeling, one where I know that when some happy happens I’m not waiting for it to end badly and “ER” does not give me that.

Aside from the next disaster happening on the show the acting is pretty good. I don’t like the idea of all the negative aspects of the show I got to admit that the show put together a decent cast that could handle that style of acting. Along with the decent acting that this huge cast of actors give, the scenes are shot in a fast paced style giving the illusion of always under a time limit and being put under pressure, which also gives the scenes a good look to them. This looks like an emergency room that would be one that I could walk into if I went to a big city. Not only do the sets look good but the make up on all the victims and the sick in the show is done really well giving everything a realistic look, even though a few times I would have preferred them to not look so real.

As for an ending, it was ok for a last episode. I wasn’t too shocked, surprised, or taken aback from how it does end nor was I feeling sad that the show was coming to an end. If I had watched all 15 seasons I would have felt a ping of sadness at the end but with this being the first season I watched in 10 seasons I wasn’t affected that much by the end. Yet the show I think had a good ending that would be appeasing to anyone that had been watching it for the whole 15 seasons especially for having some the original cast members on the show to end it.

Lee Roberts
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