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Erik Scott: And The Earth Bleeds

Best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Sonia Dada, and Flo & Eddie, Erik Scott had a solo debut in 2008 with Other Planets, and now he finally follows that up with And The Earth Bleeds, an aural journey through more otherworldly soundscapes.

Some people try to classify bass players as frustrated guitarists, because some people assume that everyone wants to play lead guitar. It only takes listening to something like Erik Scott's solo work to know that, at least some of the time, that isn't true at all. If someone were to ask me what this album sounds like, and since I'm writing a review of it someone has, I'd probably try to explain the instrumental nature of it with it's smattering of lyrics, and then I'd give in and just say, "Have you seen that movie Soldier starring Kurt Russell? It sounds like that."

But what does that even mean? The movie is about a boy born into a program to raise soldiers who becomes obsolete after the new genetically engineered models arrive. He's then dumped on a desert planet which doubles as an interstellar junk yard and left for dead. But he finds a community of people stranded on the planet struggling to survive. And that's what this sounds like... struggling to survive on a junk covered desert planet in a distant corner of the universe. I hope that makes sense.

And The Earth Bleeds has an airy, spacey quality that floats and drifts. It sways. It is hypnotics and sometimes feels like it shimmers the way the mirage of an oasis does to a man lost in the desert. Erik Scott has produced a beautiful soundscape that you can easily lose yourself in.

Review by Jason Pace
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