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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
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Small towns have secrets but in the small town of Eureka the secrets it holds is the stuff of science fiction. It’s the hope of the US Government that Eureka will allow its town full of genius scientists to develop new breakthroughs that would change the world. With so many geniuses at work for Global Dynamics breaking the laws of physics and nature all sorts of unorthodox events take place. When something goes wrong it’s Sheriff Jack Carter’s (played by Colin Ferguson) job to make sure the town of Eureka stays safe from itself and the weird experiments that takes place there.

Ok, not the best description for the show Eureka but it’s really tough to give a detailed one when this is the first full season that I’ve seen of the show. That’s right, up until now the only time I watched Eureka was for when I reviewed the finale episode of the series, which is included on this 5th season DVD set. For that final episode I was pretty lost as to what was going on, who the characters where, their relationships with each other, and why the show ended the way it did. Now after watching this final season of the show I’m still confused as to the exact nature of the show but I do have a better sense of what the show is about and who the characters are.

One thing I did learn from watching season 5 was that Eureka is a fun show. The writing is witty, the acting is believable, and what I liked is the campy yet serious nature of the plots. I thought the show was going to be one where the stories would be made to be like it’s really happening, which it does, but there’s comedy that’s mixed in making it funny. When the first episode started with the holiday episode I was actually pretty lost myself, I did not expect a Christmas episode but it was really good for my first real experience of the show. Having this as the opening for the season was a smart move because being that I didn’t know the show it was a good introduction to the nature of the characters and the show. After that initial episode the shows of season 5 begun where the episodes where serious and I think if it had started with these episodes I might not have liked it so much.

Though I did like the serious side of the show it was the witty, quirky, and funny side of the show that now has me wanting to watch the show from season 1. There’s a whole cast of good characters on this show, Deputy Andy (played by Kavan Smith) who is an android that’s dating a smart house, Jo Lupo (played by Erica Cerra) the head of security for Global Dynamics, Dr. Allison Blake (played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield) who I’m not really sure what her job is, Dr. Douglas Fargo (played by Neil Grayston) who is the head of GD, Holly (played by Felicia Day) the girl who leads one of the most interesting life on the show,  and Isaac Parrish (played by Will Wheaton), all who make the show entertaining with their personalities. There’s even more characters on this show that I just can’t get into listing on here but for such a large cast they all fit together quite well. I think it’s because of the wide variety of characters and their personalities that allows Eureka to stay interesting and fun to watch.

The show has a dark side along with the lighter side balancing it out that makes it so good. What I liked the most though was the plot of the show, a town that’s really just a big corporation being run by the US Department of Defense to come up with new science breakthroughs. It’s a shame though that I had to start watching this show with it’s final season instead of getting to grow with the characters from the start. 

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