Everybody Hates Chris: The Final Season
Did You Know?

Tequan Richmond auditioned for the role of Chris, but Ali LeRoi and Chris Rock thought he was 'too cool' for that role so they chose him to play Drew. ~IMDB

Chris and Greg are in High School and all they want is to hang with the cool kids, get the girl(s), and be popular. Pretty much everything they’ve always wanted in every season of the show, but as always everybody hates Chris….and Greg.

The show inspired by Chris Rock’s life, mostly, has been hilarious from the get go with throwbacks to early television comedies to pop culture references that draw nostalgia and most importantly that recognizable family life everyone and anyone can relate to when they were at that age. In this, the fourth and final season, set you get all the original 22 episodes along with their webisodes and on some you get deleted scenes. Some of the deleted scenes are great while some are just short little snippets that you could live without seeing. Other special features include commentary by producer Ali LeRoi. A gag reel that is chuckle inducing. Candid with the Cast which looks back on the funniest moments in the shows history and gets a cast response. Death in the Dining Room which talks about why everybody hates shooting there. Give ‘Em Props . The “Key” to VFX which highlights the great sequences where the show really separates itself from its peers and “Juste Pour Rire” = Just For Laughs which starts off funny but gets old quick.

Its beyond me how Chris Rock managed to create a show that is so appropriate for anyone to watch but he did it and I’m glad because its hilarious and fun to see my kids with question marks over their heads when they hear the name Fat Boys and start to wonder what a Human Beat Box is or when the show gives you, the parent, the opportunity to relive some funny childhood moments from when you were in school with your kids. For those of you who scratch their heads after the final episode I would suggest googling your question, the answer is out there. Other then that this is a great show to add to your home collection. Enjoy.

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