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Face Off: Life & Death (PREVIEW)

Face Off

Life & Death
Regular Air Date: 
Tuesdays @ 9 CT
Air Date: 
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

“Face Off” is a reality TV show on Syfy that will be returning for its 7th season on Tuesday, July 22nd at 9pm. The show is a competition among special effects make-up artist that are given a weekly theme and are expected to work their magic on a model in an allotted time with the given supplies and twists and turns to the rules. The show is like “Project Runway” with special effects make-up artists instead of fashion designers. Shakefire had the chance to review the Season 7 Premiere episode, “Life & Death.”

I am a huge horror movie fan and a great appreciator of well-done special effects and makeup. I must say that the variety of expertise on this show is outstanding and the work they do is beyond anything I have ever seen before. “Face Off” is a very interesting take on reality show competitions, but wish they would have chosen a format that was not so close to “Project Runway.” In this episode, the theme and title was “Life & Death” and there were several predictable twists for the artist. I appreciate the whole premise for the show and the end products were so creative and unique. However, I could do without the scripted drama, over-dramatic music (that would not stop playing), and all too familiar show structure. Overall, it was fun to watch, but had a couple minor issues and for those reasons, I am giving this show a “B-.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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