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Face Off: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

It’s time for “Face Off” again. Doesn’t each season seem to come faster and faster? Yet somehow I have still not gotten bored with it. Sure there are some challenges that do not work out the best, good contestants seem to get cut too early, and finales can be a little lackluster; but for some reason I still tune it to see what crazy creations they will be making next.

To start off this season their first Foundation Challenge they all must choose a Queen crown and create a make-up that will give it a story. As usual many of the competitors go WAAAAYYYY too heavy on the prosthetic they find in their kits. After a winner is announced (and given the bonus of immunity) they are divided off into pairs for the Spotlight Challenge. Keeping with the royalty theme they must create a King and not just any King a goblin King based around a certain terrain that is picked by the teams (arctic, jungle, desert, volcano, swamp, forest).

Normally with team challenges and so early in the season, 1 or 2 extreme divas pop up. This season, even though a few show promise of turning raging drama queen at a second’s notice they all hold their composure for the most part and let the challenge hold the forefront. And as with all new seasons of reality competitions they try to add some new twist or feature. This year it is not really so much of a twist as a huge bonus for the contestants & viewers. Michael Westmore is the mentor for the challenges. He will be accompanying his daughter in for all of the inspections and offer advice or critiques.

They promise this season will be bigger & better than past years; but really what show doesn’t promise that in order to get viewers to tune in? What I will offer up though is based off of what I saw happening in this first episode I honestly think that this year has the most talented collective group of artists yet on “Face Off”. If the topics & challenges push them and are able to come up with fresh ideas this really could be the best season yet. The question that remains though is are you as a viewer still interested in seeing a group of people make foam faces, apply them on a model, and then rush to paint them? For me I’m still impressed enough with what people are able to accomplish in the time frame and the “tips” you get throughout that I’m willing to sit through another season. I just hope that this year’s finale isn’t dragged out and boring as last years.

Review by Pandora
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