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Face Off: Season 6 (PREVIEW)

Another year and another group of eager make-up artists means a new season, season 6 to be exact, for the show Face Off. Quick description, the show takes a group of people, gives them challenges that will test their skills in movie make-up design, while getting judged to see who is the best of them. For anyone that might not know that this kind of make-up is not just powders and blushes being put on an actor to make them look younger/better. This is make-up that will be prosthetics, molds, and other sorts of material that will change the model from being human to being something else entirely. This group of contestants are familiar with this kind of work, as they all have done some at one point or another, but this is their chance to show the world what they are made of and for the lucky one at the end of the season, they will walk away with the prize and respect.
Now I've watched this show over the seasons, not in the entirety of the shows run, but enough that I know what's to be expected. With this new season I thought I would be watching the same show again, which in a small way I am considering they can't change the core of the show, which is the contestants going against each other for best make-up artist. However this show does stand out to be a little different than the previous seasons, at least it does to me. With this first episode the show gets right into the action of without spending too much time introducing the contestants. Which it does do that but I wasn't forced to watch all these little interviews about what and why they are on the show. Instead it's a quick succession of introductions, a telling of what's going on, and then into the first set of challenges.
This episode felt more quickly paced so that the show never lags any. It gets right to them doing the challenges, then getting judged, and then it's the end of the episode. I think this is because the editing of the show is a little different than all the other reality shows where as it didn't have the repeating before and after the breaks. By not repeating the same stuff again and again throughout the episode, the pacing was quicker and I stayed more interested in the show. My only gripe about it is that I would have liked to see some more on the make-up that the contestants did. They are shown, but not in any real detail or length and some of the work that's done is extremely cool and I would have liked to see it better and more of it. Beyond that, this was a good start to this new season and if they keep this kind of pacing and format I will be more interested in watching the rest of the season. Another aspect this show has going for it is the sheer talent of artists it has. Regardless of who wins or loses, these people have some really good skills in make-up and they create some amazing work in their efforts to win the challenges.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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