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Fairy Tail: Part 7

Fairy Tail

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Fairy Tail: Part 7 was an interesting romp through the series that probably would have made J.J. Abrams proud as the Fairy Tail crew is thrown into an alternate universe and only a handful of exceptions must enter that alternate universe as the saviors. You get some vague origin stories, and as usual, a ton of action. What makes this arc so fun is that everyone’s roles are switched up. It was an enjoyable addition to the Fairy Tail anime canon. My only gripe is that the first episode reminded me a lot of a filler episode of the previous One Piece release. 
Fairy Tail Part 7 looks pretty decent. This series has had some issues with color being a bit off or animation design not living up to the full potential of the HD format, but seeing as how artistic quality takes precedence over technology I’ll take any of the perceived flaws. Sound is amazing. Dialogue is never drowned out by the bombastic effects sounds and everything has its own place in the mix. Over all I’d say the show has come a long way since the first release on HD, which was decent, but seemed to improve in its second release. 
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