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Famous Last Words: Two-Faced Charade

Two-Faced Charade

(Famous Last Words)

Two-Faced Charade, the debut album for the band named Famous Last Words can be summed up in two words, loud and exhaustive. This punk, death metal band does what this style of music intends for it to do, be loud, be fast, and be so full of power and energy that it's explodes out of the speakers. If you are looking for a band that does a lot of screaming in their songs while playing their instruments fast and loud so you can do some serious head banging, well look no further. However, if you are looking for songs that would allow you to sing along or even understand the lyrics enough to sing along then don't expect to get that from Two-Faced Charade.

Not that I'm saying that the songs are bad; they're really not all that bad. But, yes there's a but, because the vocals in the songs are just a lot of screaming and deep guttural vocals that it's hard to really get into the songs as they play. Other than wanting to bounce around and let out some pent up rage and energy, I can't do anything else with the songs. With the lyrics being sung in this fashion they sound good for those rage moments but do nothing for knowing what's actually being sung. Not one time did I really understand what any of the songs were about or if they actually do have a meaning. The only thing I get from listening to the songs are that they are loud, they are fast, and they can really pack a punch.

Now that might sound like I didn't like the songs and goes against me saying that they aren't that bad, but it's really not. I just wanted to make it known that the lyrics are basically about the same as the instruments. Which the instruments really are being pounded in these songs. The beats are fast and the amount of energy being put out of them make the songs exhausting. There's a good sound being put together in these songs that make it worth listening to, at least when you want something loud to the point of giving yourself a headache. Famous Last Words has found their groove in making these songs powerful where I found myself in a good mood and having fun while listening. Then again my mood could have been good because I was screaming out random sounds along with the non-vocal lyrics.


Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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