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Fargo (Preview)


The Six Ungraspables
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Fargo has been going in some pretty odd directions. There was that time Gus got an eyeful from his neighbors wife and this week he meets the husband. Is it going to go the way you’d expect it to go? Is the guy even her husband? It just gets odd, but like most Fargo connections it leads somewhere important that keeps you watching. It may lead to old Gus redeeming himself or it may lead to something else. 
Meanwhile Lester has a run in with the two hitmen who’ve come to town and it doesn’t look good as he’s left in close quarters with two men who have non-traditional ways of torturing their victims. To make matters worse Lester’s hand isn’t looking to good and Molly takes full advantage of Lester’s situation and, as usual, grasps some clues, small as they may be, to open the case up just an inch further. 
Malvo finds himself in a bit of legal trouble but still manages to work the Stavros Milos case to outrageous, but fruitful proportions. Still not quite sure what Malvo’s angle is. Is he in it for the grift or is he just a devious sicko looking to get his jolly’s off by tormenting others. 
As usual, Fargo continues to expand and grow with sophistication as he work our way slowly but surely to the finale. Well worth continuing to tune in.   
AJ Garcia
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