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Wicked Blood
Fathom Lane: Fathom Lane

Fathom Lane

(Fathom Lane)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's not often that I have listened to an album that will have one song making me mellow out some to be followed by a more seductive song that's then followed by a song that's kind of creepy. That's exactly how the first three tracks went for me on the new self-titled album by Fathom Lane goes. It's not only the first 3 songs that do this, in fact pretty much the whole album is filled with a good range of emotions from the songs and the kind of emotions they bring up in me while listening. Fathom Lane is one of those indie rock that plays in a more mellow beat but has a lot of power and emotion packed into their songs.

Off this 10 track album I think the most liked song I had was with track number 3, “Dream Her Name” because of the good creepy vibe it puts out in it's sound. This song belongs in a thriller/horror with the duel vocals of being done where it sounds like they are whispering out to me on the wind. The whole song, this whole album, has a good way of instilling feelings from the songs. This band has talent and it's clear that they should make a good name for themselves. One of their talents that is clearly heard on the album is their ability to switch their sounds while always keeping the songs with a groove that mellowed me out.

This is not a band that has fast playing songs that will get the heart racing but they do have songs that have a lot of heart in them. Each song has a well thought out sound, from the lyrics that tell a story, many different stories such as lust or just having a lazy afternoon, to the instruments that give support to those feelings. This album sound familiar to me, not because I thought they sound like another band, no in fact they have their own distinct sound being used, but Fathom Lane just sound like a band that I already know. It could be because of this comfort that has me liking this band but it's more than that, it's the solid vocals, the quirky lyrics, and the fun mellow sounds of the instruments, or as a whole, the songs. There was only one song that I didn't quite like, “Ache Me”, it has too many times, majority of the song, where the lyrics are repeated over and over, to the point it got on my nerves some, but it also got suck in my head. Aside from that one song, I really enjoyed the variety that this album has, the mellow vibe, and how it is fun to listen to the songs.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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